Abstracts & Prizes

Poster viewing and presentation

Poster viewing session: Presenters should prepare a poster in A0 format (portrait, ca. 90 cm wide, 120 cm high). All posters must be mounted on pre-numbered poster boards before the start of the first poster viewing session. Double-sided tape will be provided for mounting of posters.

As a new initiativ posters for a particular session will be moved from where all the posters are placed by the organization commitee to boards  just outside the lecture halls (Haderup and Hannover) before the viewing. After the viewing they will be placed back again. In that way we can focus on the posters for a particular session. 

Poster presentation session: Presentations will take place immediately after the poster viewing session in a designated auditorium. Two chairpersons will have responsibility for each session, making sure that the powerpoint presentations are ready and that the presentations are given in the order shown in the program book. Presenters can use a maximum of two powerpoint slides to support their presentation that should last no longer than 2 min. This will be followed by a question/discussion session lasting about 3-5 min depending on the number of presentations in the session.


ORCA Prize

This prestigious prize is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of dental caries research. Although only ORCA members can make nominations for the prize, nominees do need not be ORCA members. The main qualification is a body of original published work in caries research, but this may be supported by a record of active promotion of caries research in other ways. The prize will be awarded at the Opening ceremony of the ORCA meeting in Copenhagen. See ORCA website for more information (http://www.orca-caries-research.org/about/orca_prize.html).

The Yngve Ericsson prize  is awarded every third year, and will be awarded in 2019. See ORCA website for more information (http://www.orca-caries-research.org/about/orca_prize.html).


ORCA Nathan Cochrane Young Scientist’s Award

The ORCA Junior Scientist Award was inaugurated in 2007 as the Young Investigator’s Award, and was renamed the "ORCA Nathan Cochrane Young Scientists' Award" at the General Assembly of July 4, 2014 in Greifswald, Germany. This prize is aimed at encouraging young researchers, and is awarded each year at the Closing ceremony of the ORCA meeting. The prize winner receives a certificate and is entitled to receive reimbursement of the congress fees for a future ORCA Congress. Please follow the appropriate link at the ORCA website for more information (http://www.orca-caries-research.org/about/junior_scientist_award.html).


ORCA Conference Travel Fellowships

These fellowships aim to assist attendance at an ORCA Congress and will be available in 2018. Researchers in the field of caries or related subjects will be eligible, and preference will be given to workers from underprivileged countries. For further information, please refer to the ORCA website (http://orca-caries-research.org/about/grants.html).



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