Copenhagen is the biggest city in Denmark with a population of a little more than 1 million inhabitants, and has been the country's Capital since the middle age.  The Government and Parliament are located here as well as the Royal Palace. The city has a lot to offer as described by www.visitcopenhagen.com.



Copenhagen is truly a green city surrounded by water and parks, with climate-friendly citizens to match. Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world, and Copenhagen the world’s most liveable city. Why? Because every bit of Copenhagen is designed for life, from the buildings and architecture, the food and the water, the many bikes and the intelligent infrastructure to free education, free health care, and a society firmly focused on the life balance between work and play.


Copenhagen is a pocket-sized fairy tale and at the same time, a buzzing and innovative hub of ideas. Copenhagen is a city large enough for every kind of life philosophy, but small enough to bicycle from one end to the other in twenty minutes. It is all there, the urban pulse in the cobbled streets, the castles and bell towers, the artists, makers and the green grass, the mothers, babies and their strollers, the hipsters and their dreams, the prince and the queen. The Local Organising Committee is planning an exciting scientific and social program that will allow you to experience some extraordinary parts of the city.





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